Photography & Me

While the interest was always there I didn’t truly start dive into photography until I was in my late 20’s. I was working editing and filing financial documents with the SEC and it was about that time I decided I needed to take a more creative path in life. So, I took night courses in photography, at the college I graduated from. I had an amazing teacher and to this day I remember every little thing he taught us. I was addicted. I devoured anything and everything that had to do with learning photography for the next several years. In those early years I was shooting on film gear where mistakes were amplified and editing barely existed. The photography world was about to change and my life along with it.

Twists & Turns

Looking for a better quality of life, we moved to the southeast coast of North Carolina. I took some money from the sale of our house and made the transition to pro digital gear. This would be the start of professional photography career. I worked as a freelance surf photographer and a full time real estate photographer. I had some of my images published in most of the major surf magazines at the time and with real estate, I was the lead photographer and creative manager. Life was good. 

Then the world sort of fell apart for a bit. The housing crash and recession of 2008 and subsequent drop in steady work forced me to seek a more stable path, this time though, it would be different. I pursued the world of commercial photography working my way up to one of the largest online retailers of diet food in the industry and for the last nine years I've worked as the senior photographer and graphic designer here. I spend my week days creating content for our three business units. I still freelance on the weekends from time to time shooting dogs and stock lifestyle images. Life is good again. 

Photo requests can be directed to: info@kennyophoto.com